POC Overview

The purpose of my POC was to demonstrate growth regarding my abilities in poetry. I studied the styles and methods that poets such as John Trudell and Duncan Mercredi follow, which then helped me in the process of understanding my own methods and styles. I drafted a handful of poems that all fell in the same range as authors like Duncan Mercredi, and I was able to find connections between my own poetry and almost every other Indigenous poet I came across. This led me to pinning down some common themes that are quite dominant in Indigenous literature. The one theme that stood out to me the most was the theme of land preservation, and the act of understanding your own connection to the land. I was interested the new information and knowledge, and I would like to go more in depth with my studies.

I know I can apply what I have learned into the progression of my POC. I want to write more poems, and I want my poems to make people really think about what the messages entail.

It may sound farfetched, but I would love to organize an open mic session where I can see what other writers my age have to share with the public. I would like the outcome of this project to look like a collection of poems shared at an open mic session with a variety of writers and artists.

What I am gearing towards over the break is crafting more poems and looking into the process of organizing an event so I can measure the viability of this idea. I would then take what I have worked on over the break and present it to my teachers in search for their thoughts and feedback in regards to how I can make this all work.


As of the last few weeks, I have resided in a mere isolated section of Nelson McIntyre, the Propel classroom. I’ve spent most of my time observing and adapting to the new environment of Propel. I found myself admiring the change of the social atmosphere, comparable to a breath of fresh, cold air. As a Nelson McIntyre student, the classroom of Propel is much like a different world. I did not think there was anywhere left to go in the small-scale building of Nelson McIntyre Collegiate. I can identify and feel confident to know that the class is a safe space from the 3 weeks I’ve spent here. Adapting to the social setting been my most interesting endeavor over the past few weeks.  I observed a wide mix of unique, skilled characters in the space of Propel. During my time here, I came to perceive that every single person in the program harness proficiency, resilience and capability. There is so much to see, so much to take in. And that’s what I love.

I have had the most difficulties in organization, consistency and even responsibility. I identified that to be due to a personal rough patch. To counter that, I have been taking in as much information and resources as possible. I learned that taking different approaches towards aptitude in self-discipline requires patience. Everyone has the tendency to stray from their path, and it’s okay if you do. It only becomes a problem when you can’t take a step forward, as long as you keep moving, you are progressing. 

 I’ve gone over a good deal of concepts and possible project ideas during my time here. For the sake of broader options, I aim towards keeping distance between me and my comfort zone. I figure talking to more people within the class and getting more feedback will help me exceed. When I’m here in Propel, I’m always reminding myself of the detrimental toll that my comfort zone will take on me. Your comfort zone will only kill you.